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Isidora Buza - SAP CPQ Architect

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Areas of Expertise

Coordination of the project resources

Gathering Business Requirements

Propose a variety of approaches/solutions

Ensure agreed approach/solution is in the spirit of best practices

Troubleshooting and Analytics

Integration implementation

Writing technical documents

Creativity and Aesthetics

Ensuring the client’s needs are adequately communicated to the rest of the team

Knowledge of SAP Commissions and ProducerPro

Providing feedback to SAP CPQ Core Team regarding existing and possible new functionalities of CPQ

Ensuring the team meets the client imposed deadlines

Creation and publishing Project Documentation

Providing accurate feedback on project status and brining all possible issues to attention in a timely manner

Leading modelling team

Supporting On-boarding of new team members

Leading training sessions

CallidusCloud CPQ Certified Specialist

About me

Isidora has experience with the CPQ from both troubleshooting and implementation perspective. She has collaborated with SAP CPQ PM Team in helping them prioritizing new improvements and fixes for upcoming releases. Isidora’s knowledge and experience come from working as part of the SAP Support team and afterwards becoming an SAP Consultant. This experience allows her to understand both ends of SAP CPQ and distinguish the best approach. This is due to the acquired knowledge and experience as part of the Support team which allowed her to understand all aspects of SAP CPQ and predetermine if the certain approach will cause issues and how to avoid them. She has worked in various projects proving not just her modelling and analytical skills but also proposing solutions and approaches that are in the best interest for the client and are fitting in their business model. Besides the expert knowledge of SAP CPQ, Isidora is familiar with SAP Commissions and ProducerPro.

Having several years of experience working with many clients, Isidora has obtained all the necessary skills to meet their expectations and resolve problems and propose approaches in a timely and respectful manner. With a high analytical background, Isidora’s main focus is the delivery of our first-class solutions.


SAP CPQ is a powerful tool that can, guided by the experienced team, such as ourselves, bring solutions to most of your business needs.